09. januar 2009

Zimske radosti / Winter Joy

Danes sva šli z Bojančko na sprehod do Teje čez zasnežena polja in nastale so tele slikce...mene v akciji seveda.
Today my mom and I went to a long walk across snowy Meadows to visit Teja and Nika, my mums human doughter and grand doughter. Of course this caused a lot of photography....me in action :-)

By Nessa

10 komentarjev:

  1. A toliko imate snega? Mi pa nič. :o((((

  2. Hi, Nessa!
    Thanks for sharing all those happy pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hi Nessa!!!!
    Nice to meet you!!!We're very very very happy that you have stopped at our blog!!!!
    Can we add yours blog at our??
    Have new friends is for us wonderful!!!!!!
    You're very very very beautiful....
    we love Hovawart like you!!!
    we stopped at your blog often!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses dear new friend!!!!

  4. Hi,Paco,hi,Milo,
    I'm very glad to have you guys as a DWB friend! I added your blog to my favourite paws already:-)
    Maybe some day we'll meet couse we are so close to each other...
    Thank you for loving me.

  5. O,Špelka,mamo sneg,mamo :-) Glih tolk, da se lahko povaljam v njem:-)
    Poljubček vsem trem, se ve kateremu največ ;-),

  6. Hi Nessa
    Thanks for visiting our blog. It's nice to meet you.
    Wow, we love all the action photos of you. You look like you have a lot of energy hehehe.


  7. Hi! Nessa.
    You look so fun and free in the snow.

    Peace and love

  8. Hi Nessa,
    so nice to meet you. even more so because you are Slovenian puppy. Our mum is originaly from Croatia and she told us about her old country.
    With the exception of Roscoe who was born and raised in Canada, we have never seen snow but we liked your pictures. It is a warmest summer right now here, so we are sending you some warm greetings.


  9. G'day Nessa,

    That snow looks like fun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come back and sign my guestbook!

    xxx Asta (Oz)