31. januar 2009

My favourite babies / Nejc in Nika

Teja with Nika and Igor with Nejc playing piano
Yesterday it was a perfect day for me, again. All my favourite humans together. My big brother Igor and sister Teja were here with their family. Nejc is as old as I am- 21 months and Nika is already 9 months old :-) I always take control over babies, when they are here ;-) Beside that I'm having fun with them I had soooo much things to do.... the most important is that I watch on their activities...you know..where they are putting little fingers, what do they eat, how they sit....all in one...I'm running after them all the time;-)
How do I do as a babysitter?

Carrot, o.k., that is healthy / Korenček je zdrav....

Dont fall down on me

It's O.K., I'm watching over you

Včeraj je bil zame spet popoln dan. Vsi moji na kupu. Teja in Igor s svojima dvema malčkoma. Nejc je star toliko kot jaz, torej 21 mesecev, Nika pa je dopolnila 9 mesecev ;-) Vedno, kadar sta tukaj prevzamem nadzor nad situacijo hehe...Poleg tega, da se je zabavno igrati z njima moram opraviti tooooliko dela....saj veste...paziti kam vtakneta svoje male prstke, kaj jesta, kje sedita..skratka, cel dan tekam za njima. Cel žur! No, kako se vam zdim kot varuška?

By Nessa

26 komentarjev:

  1. It looks like you are a wonderful nanny, Nessa!

    Your Pals,
    Tom and Tama-Chan

  2. you are a super dooper baby sitter. What a wonderful looker after.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  3. Not every baby has such a cool nanny!! I bet these babies had the time of their life with you Nessa.

  4. G'day Sweet Nessa,

    You have a beautiful family there and you look like a wonderful nurse!

    xxx Asta (oz)

  5. Looks to me you are a great babysitter. =)

  6. Hi, Nessa!
    You are the best babysitter I know!
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. I hope woo got khompensated fur the grrrreat job woo did with those khuties!


  8. Woo are doing a great job babysitting there - did woo be sure to clean their faces too? Tongue lickies are the best;-)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  9. Nessa, you're a wonderful babysitter. Good job.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  10. Thank you, dear friends,
    I'm doing the best I can...of course that includes a lot of tongue licking hehehe...

  11. OHHHHHHHH Dear Nessa.....
    look you had a great day with your family!!!!!
    and It looks like you are a wonderful nanny!!!!!!
    we think you're great and very special girl.....and these babies are very lucky to have you in them life!!!!!
    we love you a lot!!!!
    kisses and licks!!!!

  12. Hi Nessa,

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. No I didn't know your breed. I would love to be your friend too!!

    Mona & the Mommy too!!

  13. Aww Nessa... you are so good and gentle with babies. Those photo's are adorable.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  14. Hello Nessa!
    You are a wonderful babysitter!


  15. Hi Nessa
    Thanks for visiting our blog. We came to visit yours and thought what a lovely nanny you made!
    Beautiful babies and we would have to say you a very beautiful dog!
    Nice to make new friends.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  16. Hi Nessa!
    This babies becomes the owner of a gentle heart.

    Peace and love

  17. You are a great babysitter! Those are lovely photos of you and the baby.

  18. Those babies are very cute. They are lucky that you are their babysitter Nessa.

    Your friend,

  19. Nessa....don't now how we missed this post! Those babies are very cute and you make a wonderful babysitter.....but don't they tug on your ears....especially the mobile one!? Lucky babies, they get to grow up with a gentle dog like you!
    Slobbers xx

  20. Hi Nessa! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie. What a nice family you have!

    Your pal,

  21. They are so great with the kids. Ours would not be :)

  22. Hi Nessa!

    You are a very good babysitter! I love babies too, they're always dropping delicious things and they usually taste sweet and sticky and giggle when I lick their fingers!

    Mommy has a good friend from Slovenia who lives in Massachusetts!

    Your pal,


  23. hi Nessa, you are doing an excellent job as a babysitter. we hope you can get paid with lots of treats for your work!


  24. Hi Nessa
    Thanks for stopping by our blog, it's great to meet you!
    Lovely photos of you and the babies, looks like you're being SO gentle.

  25. Nessa,

    You are such a good baby sitter! Way to make sure they are eating healthy foods too. I couldn't have the carrots though as I am allergic. :) Glad you had fun with the cute little babies but make sure to get rest because it is hard work taking care of those little ones. ;)


  26. Beautiful blog. andrea