13. januar 2009

Moj Mico / My cat Mico

Zadnjič sta se Tucker in Daisy pritoževala, da njun maček Leo samo spi in to na vseh možnih mestih v hiši. No, tole si oglejte...moj Mico je star 11 let, še vedno zelooo vitalen in čist nor. Še posebej če je polna luna. Takrat nori po vrhu vseh omar in to cele noči. Ko pa ga "napad" mine, pa takole pade dol. Kjerkoli.
In one of latest posts Tucker and Daisy complain that their cat Leo and only sleeps all day long at all possible places in the house. Well, now see this ... my Mico is 11 years old, still vital and with very wild behavior. Especially when the full moon is on. Then he runs like crazy all over the place. Especially he loves to climb on the top of all furniture whole night long. Once the "attack" is over, he "falls down". Anywhere.

Na kavču v dnevni..../ On the couch in the living room...
Na radiatorju..../ On radiator...
V opranih zavesah..../ In washed curtains ...
V Nejčevem vozičku..../ Into grandson's buggy...
Na postelji.../ On the bed...

Na akvariju..../ On the aquarium...
In končno zmagovalna slika: takole je omagal za Božič kar na mizi /
And finally winner pic: that's how he fell asleep on Christmas on the table

What are you saying about cats now, Tucker and Daisy? I have a lot more from where that comes ;-) Next time: how I play with Mico, or better: how I drag him around, hehehe :-)
By Nessa

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  1. Hi Nessa,

    Thank you for visiting our blog.

    Mico is a very cute cat.

    We will be back soon for a proper look around your blog.

    Holly & Zac

  2. Hi Nessa, we love the photos of Mico, especially of him on top of the aquarium. was he trying to have a snack?


  3. G'dau Nessa,

    Thanks for signing my guest book & becoming a follower of my blog.

    That's a vewy sweet kitty you have thewe.

    xxx Asta (oz)

  4. Hi, Nessa!
    That show us that any place is a good place to sleep!
    Mico is so funny!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hi Nessa!
    Your cat Mico is so cute! He has great places to sleep!
    Happy Wednesday!


  6. Hi Nessa, thanks for visiting! Cute sleeping Mico, we have a cat too :o) We'll visit again!
    Slobbers xx

  7. Hi Nessa!

    Thanks for visiting :) Yes, please put us in your friends list, that would be great!!!

    Those pictures of Mico are so funny. We love the one on the radiator and on the Christmas table, that's sooo funny!

    We'll be back soon.

    Josh and Jess

  8. Wow, Mico sleeps everywhere in the house! Does he has his favourite sleeping place???


  9. Hi, guys,
    yes, Mico is very funny cat. He sleeps a week here,a week there...now, when winter came, he sleeps most of the time on radiator, because it's soooooo hot on top of it hehe...
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Kisses and hugs for all of you.

  10. Hi Nessa

    We forgot to tell you that Leo is 5 years old, he will be 6 in July.

    Tucker and Daisy