07. september 2009

Nessa has breeding licence I.

S ponosom objavljamo krasno novico: Nessa je 5.9.2009 opravila vzrejni pregled pri g.Janezu Plestenjaku in telesno oceno pri sodnici Dušici Bučer, ki sta ji prisodila odlično oceno in 1.vzrejni razred. Nessa ima tako vse pripravljeno za paritev, ki jo bomo predvidoma opravili prihodno pomlad, ko bo stara 3 leta in popolnoma odrasla in dozorela za tako pomembno nalogo. S kom? To pa naj ostane še sladka skrivnost....:-)

Hello everyone, Nessa's mommy here. Since Nessa doesn't like to brag herself I would like to tell you something. After a while we are coming back with great news: Nessa has done her breeding exam, got an excellent grade and breeding rang 1.
For breeding licence in Slovenia hovawart must have:
- at least one excellent evaluation of slovenian judge
- exam B-BH
- hipps evaluation
Nessa has all that: 3 excellent evaluations from Slovenian judges, she has done B-BH exam last year and has done her rtg/hips exam in Tierklinik Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt, Austria. Her hips are A1/A1 with no sign of displasia. Since she had all prepared we decided to go to breeding exam. That's how it goes:
At first there is running, where judge can see and evaluate dog's moveing...
Then comes measuring dog's height, lenght and chest...
After that judge exam doggie from head to tail:-) He exames dogs teeth, eyes, lips, ears, strenght of it's back, legs, lenght and wearing of tail, quality of coat, colour, pigmentation...and beside that dogs character....well, everything:-) Nessa was despite long and stressfull exam acting very friendly untill the end of it:-)At the end comes general evaluation. Nessa was very good girl and we are very proud of her.
Then next good news is that her brothers Nash and Nelo got breeding class 1., too. We are very proud of the fact, that from litter of 8 doggies, 4 of them are good show dogs (others owners are not thrilled about the shows) and 3 of them are now available for breeding with excellent evaluation. Look how pretty they are:
Naslednja čudovita novica je, da sta Nessina brata Nash in Nelo na isti dan pri g.Plestenjaku opravila vzrejni pregled in si ravno tako prislužila vzrejni razred 1. Prav ponosni smo, da so - od 8 kužkov v leglu Srečka in Mire Novak - 4 dobri razstavni psi (ostali lastniki niso navdušeni nad razstavljanjem), 3 od njih pa imajo sedaj tudi vzrejno dovoljenje. Tole so naši krasni kužki:
Nessa's brother Nash/bratec Nash
NashNessa's brother Nelo/bratec Nelo
Nessa, Nash and Nelo with proud "owners"

Beside us there was also Nessa's, Nash and Nelo's half brother Lar Časova. He is too young for breeding licence but he had also excellent body evaluation. He will be great male when he will be fully grown up.
Poleg nas je bil prisoten na oceni zunanjosti tudi naš polbratec Lar Časova, ki je sicer še premlad za vzrejno dovoljenje. Dobil pa je odlično telesno oceno s strani sodnice Dušice Bučer in se prav gotovo razvija v čudovitega samca.
Nessa's half brother Lar Časova
P.s. All pictures were taken by Tea Pavišič, our great young photographer and we thank her for doing such a great job.
Kisses and hugs,
Nessa and mommy

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  1. Nesska, iskrene čestitke za opravljen vzrejni pregled. :) Res smo vsi ponosni nate, ravno tako na tvoja dva prekrasna brata, Nasha in Nela.


  2. Nessa's Mom, that was an excellent post! Very interesting to learn what is necessary in Slovenia to become "certified" for breeding...it's different here. Nessa's brothers & half brother are so handsome but I think you're the nicest-looking :-)
    So when will she start making puppies?!
    Your pal,

  3. Congratulations Nessa. You look fantastic. You whole family does. I know how proud your Mom is.
    Mommy & I are in the country visiting with Dacshies Rule and are having a great time.
    I'm spotlighting a doggie with flowers every day and would love to honor you one day. I still have the gorgeous pic you sent before but if you have a new one or can take one please send it to us.


  4. Congratulations! It was very interesting to learn what you have to do for a breeding license!
    Tail wags,

  5. Hello Bojana, wonderful news! We are so proud. Grandfather Jambo vom Wittlerdamm is looking forward to his great-grandchildren. Best wishes of Jambo's whole family.

  6. Khongrats!

    Woo have lots to be thankful fur!

    All of woo are khwite handsome AND beaWOOtiful khanines!


  7. Congrats to all - so does that mean we might have pup pup puppies in the future?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. congrats - it si great how there breesing is so controlled

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  9. Hi Nessa

    We missed you, so we are very happy to hear your good news, and to see pictures of you and your handsome brothers.

    Tucker and Daisy

  10. Čestitke Nesska! Ti si za nas itak najlepša in najprijaznejša hovawartka. Komaj čakamo tvoje mladičke!

  11. What great news! But we're not surprised. We know how gorgeous and wonderful you are, Nessa!