25. september 2009

Me, Jekyll and puppies :-)

Dear friends,

thank you very much for congrats and for nice words about my husband to be:-) But as I can see, there is some confusion about that:-) Blond hovi looks a lot like golden retriver and a lot of people are mixing them. So I better explain a little bit about me and Jekyll and stuff :-)
As some of you might know by now, hovawart can be in 3 colours: black and ten as I, blond as Jekyll or black as my grandpa Jumbo.
My handsome Jekyll :-)
My grandfather Jambo from Germany
My grandmother Conquita from Austria and grandfather Jumbo....
...muuuahhh, big kiss to them:-)
The normal percent in one country is: 75% black and ten, 15% blond and only about 10% black hovis. Mixing all colors is alowed. It depends a lot of what your background is. The most frequent combination is black and ten - black and ten. Also is very popular black and ten and blond combination. Very rare nowadays is blond-blond combination becouse colour of those puppies can be darker and of course all puppies from that combination are blond. That's the reason some countries are not alowing that combination.

In some special litters there can be all 3 colours, but that is veeeery rare. In Slovenia there was no 3 colour litter untill now! But let me tell you: my Jekyll is from such litter though :-) And he is already a father of 3 colours litter, so maybe I will have such luck too:-)))
But it's veeeeery toooooo soon to talk about that. At first we must marry:-). But cross your paws for me and him, please:-)
Your bride to be Nessa :-)

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  1. Thanks for the explanation dear Nessa!!!!!
    Sure you and your boyfriend are very very very beautiful and your breed is wonderful!!!!
    You look a lot like a golden.....ehehehehehehe!!!
    Paws crossed for your next marriage!!!
    Can we come at the ceremony even if we (Paco & Milo) Will be very very very jealous of Jekyll!!!
    HAve a wonderful day!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!!

  2. Thanks for the explanation about Hovis. You are all so beautiful, and you will have beautiful puppies, whatever color they are.

    Tucker and Daisy

  3. Thanks for telling us all about the Hovi colors. We know that you two will have beautiful pups no matter the color.

    woos, the OP Pack

  4. Thanks for the info, you make such a beautiful couple.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  5. Thank you for explaining - I'm dying to meet a Hovi in person. Lot's of people can't tell the difference in the blondes and golden retrievers... I know I've made that mistake once or twice looking at photos!

  6. He's just so HANDsome! So is your grandfather! Sigh. I love learning more about Hovawarts! You're sort of like us Siberian Huskies - we have a wide range of colors, too!

  7. My mom shared your last post with my Auntie Di!

    She khouldn't get ovFUR how beaWOOTiful and handsome all of woo are!

    I khan't wait to share this one too so she sees more of the story!
    She had nevFUR heard of your breed!

    I told we hadn't either beFUR we were lukhky enough to enkhounter woo here!


  8. Hi, Nessa!
    Thanks for sharing the info about your breed.
    It is very interesting!
    Yes, you have to get married first! Haaa!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hello Nessa and Bojana,

    really good explanation, but grandfather's name is Jambo, like Jambo instead of "Hello" in Kenia/Africa. Grandfather's nickname was Jumbo Jambo indeed, because puppy Jambo looked as big as "Jumbo" elephant. We enjoy our visits on your blog. Best wishes Ulrike and Jambo