31. julij 2009

Why do I love to babysit :-)

Yesterday I was babysitting Nika after awhile...and I was delighted. Why? Look at the pictures, they talk for themselves :-)
What do we have here?
Let's see...
Wooooow, cookies....
You want some, Nessa ?
Please, be my guest :-)
Do you want a whole box?
Nana, I'm not doing nothing wrong, am I?
Well, nana/mommy was not as delighted as I was, but since we all were having such a good time she let me eat a cookie or two :-) Burp:-))
Kisses and hugs

13 komentarjev:

  1. hehe, Neska, pa ti si imela včeraj res veselico. Nika naj le še večkrat pride, se imata res super. Piškot ali dva ti pa res ne bosta škodila :)) ali pač? hehe

  2. Hi Nessa
    Well done with training the little human - this is the way we want all humans to be - start them young we say.
    Adorable pictures!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  3. You were polite, your mommy should have been glad about that. What fun. Daisy met a 4 year old last week and she loved him.

    Tucker and Daisy

  4. P.S. We like your new background. In honor of your vacation?


  5. Yes, Tucker, Daisy and Leo, it's summer... yipie :-)

  6. We need to borrow her, Nessa! She's much more generous than our mom is! A whole box?!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Ah, that's the thing I does like about childrens, they come with food!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  8. Ah yes!

    Mom says their schnauser loved it when Auntie Di and Unkhle Paul hit highchair age!

    Lots of fun stuff fur Fluff!

    PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing those two khuties!

  9. Your blog looks great!!!
    Love the picture with your head down in the box...cookie monster!!!
    Wrooo wrooo,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  10. HI, Nessa!
    I am sure you did a pawesome job babysitting Nika! And she shared cookies with you! The best!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. What a sweet girl you are!! You should start a babysitting service and make some extra money for treats! Love, Sally

  12. our nephew does that too - the way we see it we are keeping an eye on the little rugrat

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  13. Aww, those are cute shots Nessa. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX