15. april 2009

Visiting ZOO

Dear furriends,
yesterday I went to the ZOO with my mommy, my big sister Teja and her little Nika. It was fine sunny afternoon, great for walk in the ZOO. My mommy wondered how I will react on wild animals since I haven't been there for a while....well, let me tell you...mostly I was barking on them. I even provoke monky father to went crazy hehe...althoug my mommy didn't let me at all I managed to bark on every animal ...
On the begining of the ZOO there is big fence with domestic, farm animals. They are all miniature: goats, sheeps, pigs...Children chan go inside and play with them, but dogs are not alowed to.
My niece Nika enjoyed wery much...
How would I get inside and try myself as cattle dog?
Hello, donkey, are we friends :-)
Cows and ponys are the same size...hmmm, strange:-)
When I saw monkey I barked my ears out hehe...I started the revolution ;-)
Big daddy was angry...Are you sad, poor friend? I would be sad in a fence too:-((
I will come to visit you on saturday and bring you some bananas, OK?

This is the hatchery, where you can watch the birth of different chickens...Hello there...are you still having Easter?

Hello, giraffes, why are you so far away?

And than out of nowhere the spring storm came and we had to rush home....I'll come again on saturday and there will be more pics...

Kisses, Nessa

12 komentarjev:

  1. That looked like a fun trip Nessa. I love farm animals. I am so glad that you got to see sheep and goats and cows. I would like to meet a monkey. You are so lucky.

    Your friend,

  2. Thats sooo cool that you are allowed to go to the zoo!
    We aren't allowed to in Australia :(
    Big licks to you

  3. That was khwite khool!

    What a pawesome trip woo had!

    When I walk at the one park, there are khowdoggies akhross the road - I like to stare at them!

    Mom often wonders what I would do if we went over!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  4. What a fun adventure you had, Nessa!

    Your Friends,
    Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Cha

  5. How neat that you got to go to the zoo too!!! I would probably bark at the monkeys too but I don't know. :)


  6. How lucky you are to get to go to a zoo, I am not allowed, sure looks like a lot of fun. =)

  7. Oh Nessa, what an awesome adventure! We're not allowed in zoos :( But our Mama showed us all the nice photos.
    Love, Josh and Jess

  8. Hi, Nessa!
    You all had a pawesome time there meeting all those friends!
    Sure it was fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. What fun!!!
    No dogs allowed in our zoo.
    We would love to go see pandas...

    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  10. Wow Nessa, you are so lucky to be allowed into the zoo!! THe silly zoo in Singapore does not allow dogs.. and I wonder why. Aren't dogs animals?!!
    Heehee.. I think I'd bark at the smaller animals and will leave the bigger ones alone.. I don't want to mess with elephants, lions, tigers, etc!!

  11. Hello Nessa! It looks like you had a fun time at the zoo. You're so sweet to bring bananas to the monkeys on Saturday... I'm looking forward to seeing more photos!

    Your Buddy,

  12. Woowoowoooooo!!!
    You look sooooooooooo happy Nessa!!
    You had a great time with your family at the zoo!!!!!!!!!
    we love to go to the zoo....
    there are lots of friends....
    we love photos of Nike with this sweet animals....
    and you.....you're sooooooooooooo funny and cute barking to the monkey and playing with donkey!!!
    sure the monkeys will be happy to see you next week with bananas for them!!!!!!!you're sooooooooooooo gentle!!!!!!!!!!!
    we miss you a lot!!!!!!
    sweet kisse dear friend!!!!!!!!!!