03. april 2009

Nessa v. Ron :-)

Rainy,rainy,rainy...they say though that this weekend will be sunny ...I sure hope so...sigh! But when it's not raining, I have new buddy Ron to run with. He's one year old whippet, full of energy and he makes me angry becouse he's soooo fast...look at that:

I'm running and running, trying, but as you can see...Ron always wins, except when he shows some mercy hehe...

C'mon Nessa !


Trying hard.....look at my fast running pose :-)

The distance is geting bigger...

Rooon, waiiiit!!!

I culdn't belive it...he even set down for split moment:-)

It was real pleasure running and playing like that for almost 2 hours...but was I tired when I came home? Nooooop, I wanted to play with ball with my mommy...hehe.

I wish you the most joyfull friday,


16 komentarjev:

  1. Waawaaawaaaa dear Nessa...
    Ron is too fast for you but we think that he is too fast for all of us!!!!
    here it's raining a lot too....hope this weekend will be sunny....we hate rain...
    you look gorgeous as always!!!!
    have a great weekend full of sun and fun!!!
    kisses and licks!!!

  2. Wow! Super fast zoomies!

    We've had lots of sunshine, maybe it's heading your way. Looks like rain for us tomorrow so better make the most of today!

  3. Ron looks like a great friend, Nessa! Don't feel bad about not being to out-run him, though. Whippets are made to run!

    Have a great weekend and we hope you get sunshine. Right now, we have thick fog here!

    Your Friends,
    Tom and Tama-Chan

  4. Nesska, kje si pa staknila tega hitrega prijatelja? Mater kok šiba ...

  5. Wow! That is some fast dog! We're very impressed - you did well trying to catch him.

    Have a lovely weekend

  6. Hi Nessa

    We have been having lots of rain too, yuck, no walkies. Your friend looks like fun. Maybe Daisy could catch him, she is very fast.

    Tucker and Daisy

  7. He may be khwikhk but woo are much more beaWOOOOtiful!


  8. Nesska, sej si zvita kot lisička, itak da so bližnjice, pa si skrajšaš pot :))) Še en mesec takega treninga, pa te tudi Alesska ne bo več dohajala phahaha


  9. Look at that big tongue in the last pic:-) Whippets are really fast but you just have to learn how to cut him off at the pass.

    Happy sleeping after all that work.

    Hope the sun comes out for you.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  10. Wow he is really fast. I would have just stood there and watched him. =)

  11. What fun Nessa! I love to run really fast but it is hard to keep up with those sighthounds. You did a good job though and I bet you needed a good nap after all that running.

    Your friend,

  12. That looks like FUN! I"d love to run, run, run with you!

  13. Ah yes, Ron is very fast and handsome but don't give up! Just figure out a way to trick him into slowing down and then you can catch him!! :)


  14. Ohhh, Whippets are so much fun! They're even quicker than us :D We once met a Greyhound on the beach, we chased him till our legs nearly gave up but he still ran and ran, our folks didn't need to walk at all, they just stood and chatted!
    That photo of the two of you at the end is the best!
    Slobbers xx

  15. Hi, Nessa!
    You had a pawesome time playing with Ron. Sure he is fast! I was tired just watching you two there in the video!
    Have a great sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. It looks like you had a pawsome time Nessa!
    Big licks to you