24. april 2009

Happy friday

Hurrray, it's friday...and than comes little holidays, because here, on 27.april we have state holiday, celebrating Rebellion day(that's from world war 2)....so my working daddy will be with us for whole 3 days. Mytwo and me will go to the beach...

And now, look what I got from Clive, assistance Dog for Autism. You should visit his page and see what a great job he's doing with little guy! Thank you soooo much, buddy.What it's about?
This award is ...
- as a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
-to seek the reason why we all love blogging.
-put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
-don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
-answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
-tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.don’t forget to notify the Award receivers and put their links in your post.

Why I love blogging? Becouse:
- we have made so many beautifull friendships all over the world
- we are meeting so many great dogs and humans
- we love to learn something new about your countries and goggie lives
- we hope we can introduce you slovenian way of living...we are so little, like little Switzerland and it means a lot to us to spread good vibes

This time we would like to pass the award onto: The OP Pack , wishing Dakota all the best, Suzuki, please visit her nad cross your paws for Scooby, Golden Honey, hoping that good vibes will do for painless life till the rainbow comes, Khyra, because she is so friendly, Mona and mommy, because they are doing so great job helping adopt so many doggies.

Your writting how you are not alowed to go to the ZOO surprised me a lot...as you can see you have doggie parks, doggie pools and many more things that we don't have here...so how come they don't let you visit the ZOO? You should rebel :-)

Have a great weekend, Nessa

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  1. Congratulations on the lovely award, Nessa!

    I am not sure whether we are allowed to go to zoos here in France, but we are allowed to go most restaurants!

    Your Friend,

  2. Happy Friday to you and yours as well!

    Khongrats on the pawesome award!

    YES, blogging is fantastikh! I maan, had I not blogged and woo not blogged, I nevfur would have heard of a Hovawart!

    I appreciate your passing it along to me! I furry flattered and honoured!

    Tank Woo!


  3. Thank you for the lovely award, we love to blog too - it allowed us to meet you and that has been so much fun.

    Happy long weekend.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  4. Congratulations on your Award Nessa.We love blogging too!! We hope you have a great time with your family this weekend. Sounds like fun going to the beach.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  5. Congrats on your award!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  6. Congrats on your awards and happy friday to you. It so cool you get to go to the zoo! There not many places we can go here, I wonders if I be allowed at the zoo?
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. Have a lovely time at the beach!

    lots of woofs

  8. Congratulations on your Award!
    Blogging and meeting friends all over the world is pawesome!
    Have a great time at the beach!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Thank you Nessa! You are so sweet, and your face brings a smile to ours!
    Honey has been very slow and silent today. We are taking it hour by hour. We will miss our sweet fuzzy golden!
    Much love,
    Honey with mom and dad

  10. Congrats on the award! I like your blog! Wow - you got to go to the Zoo??? Only Service Dogs in a formal coat can get into those places here in Denver! I am SO jealous!! But I would probably just want to chase all of those critters!

    Luna and Sole' (and the GR too)

  11. Sigh... It's Monday already.. can't believe the weekend came and went so fast.. :(

  12. hope you had a great weekend Nessa